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Annual Return 2016

The Annual Return (the audit summary report) for the year ended 31 March 2016 has now been completed and can be found on-line here:

The Parish Council felt that the report of the internal auditor was unfounded and provided a response to the external auditor which was accepted.

The opinion of the external auditor is that “On the basis of our review of the annual return, in our opinion the information in the annual return is in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met.”

Finance & General Purposes Committee Agenda

The Council has called a Finance & General Purposes Committee to be held on the evening of the 6th June at Wrockwardine Parish Hall at 7:30 p.m. to conduce the following business:

1)         Election of Committee Chairman

2)         Apologies for absence

3)         Declarations of Interest and Dispensation requests 

4)         To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 24th March 2016 

5)         Internal Audit Report

6)         Standing Orders of Council 

7)         Financial Regulations 

8)         Financial Audit 

9)         Parish Plan – Future Projects and Forward Planning 

To include the request for Street Sign Walcott

10)       Funding Opportunities

11)       Council Contracts

            Litter picking, grass cutting and hedge cutting.

12)       Date of Next Meeting

            To be set by the Committee.

The agenda can be found on-line here;

John Sydney Thomas 1916 to 2016

The Parish Council is sad to learn of the death of one its most hard working and popular former members. John Sydney Thomas, known to all as Jack, served the Parish Council of Wrockwardine from 23rd May 1961 until he demitted office in May 2000; he died just short of his 100th Birthday. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

It is our understanding that there is to be a formal announcement in the Shropshire Star informing all that his funeral service is to be held at St. Peter’s Church, Wrockwardine at 11 o’clock on 28th January.

September meeting of the parish council


the next Meeting of Wrockwardine Parish Council is to be held at Wrockwardine Parish Hall on Wednesday 9th September 2015 at 7.30 p.m. The business to be transacted at this Council meeting will be as set out below on the Agenda.




1)         Chairman’s Opening Remarks

2)         Apologies for absence

3)         Declaration of Interests and Dispensations

4)         PUBLIC SESSION [Maximum 15 minutes]

5)         Police Report

            Antisocial behaviour Admaston Green

 6)         To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 8th July 2015 

7)          Vacancy in the Office of Parish Councillor

            Admaston & Bratton Ward (1 Vacancy by co-option)

8)         Planning Matters

  1. a) To consider applications and receive permissions and refusals.
  2. b) To note applications dealt with during the August recess under delegated

9)         Accounts for Payment

  1. a) List of Payments and Cheques for signature TO BE TABLED
  2. b) Bank Reconciliation(s) TO BE TABLED
  3. c) New signatories – Mandate

10)       F&GP Committee

            To convene a meeting to deal with the Budget & Precept, contracts for litter picking, replacement playground equipment and the maintenance of Walcott  Playing Field.


11)       Traffic Matters

  1. a) Traffic Calming Admaston



12)       Correspondence


13)       Press Statement


14)       Chairman’s closing remarks.


15)       To note the date of the next meeting –

            Members are asked to note that the date of the next meeting is Wednesday 14th            October 2015 at Admaston House at 7:30 p.m.



The Chairman respectfully reminds Members that planning applications can be inspected prior to the meeting when the Clerk will be in attendance from

7:00 p.m.





  1. To consider the following application(s):


TWC/2015/0794         33 Burnell Road, Admaston.     Crown reduction by 1-2                                               meters, crown lift by 1 meter and removal of lower                                                        branch to one Common Oak Tree.


TWC/2015/0782         Orleton Hall, The Beaters Room, Holyhead Road.                                                        Conversion of former beaters room to holiday let                                                           (Listed Application).


TWC/2015/0781         Orleton Hall, The Beaters Room. Conversion of former                                                 beaters room to holiday let (Full Planning Application).


TWC/2015/0758         Wrockwardine Hall, Station Road, Wrockwardine.                                                       Demolition of a wall attached to the house and                                                   replacement of porch door with window.


  1. To consider applications received after the date of the agenda.



  1. To receive the following permissions:


TWC/2015/0636         6 Spa Crescent, Admaston. Erection of two storey rear                                                 extension including first floor balcony.


TWC/2015/0646         Site of former 31 Wrockwardine. Erection of a timber                                       pigeon loft (Retrospective).


TWC/2015/0648         4 Redwood Close, Shawbirch. Erection of a single                                                        storey rear extension and single storey front extension                                        and replacement roof to existing garage.


TWC/2015/0549         7 Meadow Drive, Walcot. Erection of a two storey side                                                extension and single storey front and rear extensions.


TWC/2015/0450         Roseleigh, Bratton Road, Bratton. Erection of single                                          storey side extension, a rear glazed link between the                                               conservatory and the stable block behind and a covered                                                pool house.


TWC/2015/0385         7 South View, Wrockwardine. Erection of a single                                                        storey rear extension.


2          To receive permissions notified subsequent to the date of the agenda.



  1. To receive the following refusals:


TWC/2015/0472         Site of, 11, Walcot, Telford. Erection of 1 detached                                                      dwelling with associated access and parking for existing                                                 dwelling.


TWC/2015/0589         Site of Former 31 Wrockwardine. Outline application                                       for the             erection of one  dwelling and detached garage                                       with all matters reserved.



  1. To receive any refusals notified subsequent to the date of the agenda.



Borough Council Slurry Works

The Parish Council has been notified of the following from the Borough Council:

The Borough Council will shortly be working in your area as part of the ‘Everyday Telford – Pride in Your Community’ programme. The programme focuses on environmental and social issues that we know are important to residents. It is an investment programme to be delivered across the borough over a period of 2 years. Pride in your Community is also aimed at improving areas where businesses are located to support new and existing businesses and to assist with local jobs. Find out more by visiting .

The start date for footway slurry surfacing works in Telford & Wrekin this year will be 10th August 2015. This work will take place across 68 sites around the Borough, within a four month programme, with the works expected to be completed by early December. A list of sites for this project has been attached.

Before the slurry surfacing is carried out, information boards will be put up in all of the locations and residents will be informed to ensure that disruption will be kept to a minimum, however short term localised footway closures may be required in order to facilitate some of the works. This will be localised to areas where there are no alternative pedestrian routes available to accommodate traffic passing the works operation. Pedestrian diversions for these closures will be signed on site.

In advance of this work, it is necessary to undergo some preparation on each of the locations attached. This work will be ongoing from Monday 27rd July and will consist of weed killing, minor vegetation removal and cleaning of the existing footway surface in order to prepare the road for slurry surfacing.

Works on each site should last for no more than one day. Slurry surfacing is a weather dependant process, and therefore may be delayed by any periods of extended poor weather.

Further information will be available to the public via the council website, with a programme and frequently asked questions provided at


The Principal Contractor for this work will be Telford & Wrekin Services, with the surface dressing work being carried out on their behalf by JPCS

I am the Lead Officer for the slurry surfacing programme and will be responsible for the works throughout. My contact details can be found below should you have any questions relating to the works.

Many Thanks

Tim Evans Highways Engineer

Highways & Neighbourhood Management

Neighbourhood & Customer Services

Telford & Wrekin Council

Granville House

St George’s Road



Tel: 01952 384000 (Customer Contact Centre)



Road closure Overley Wrockwardine

The Parish Council has been notified of a temporary road closure along the unnamed road between Overley and Wrockwardine.

BT Openreach are undertaking cable maintenance works, which are set to commence on Thursday 6th August 2015 and anticipated to last for a duration of 2 days with an end date of
Friday 7th August 2015.

The diversion route will be via the B5061, and the unnamed road between the B5061 and Wrockwardine.